Let’s Play Together began after years of playing with hundreds of preschoolers and watching them learn and grow through moving and playing with their friends.

Mary & Laura

We know that movement and engaging play is critical for the development of the young child. We have seen this over and over during our sixty combined years of working with young children of all abilities as pediatric physical and occupational therapists in inclusive preschool classrooms. Over a decade ago, we wrote a preschool curriculum entitled Play and Learn which has been selling to preschool educators across the country. In this curriculum we show parents, teachers and daycare providers the many ways of involving children in movement and play, whether it is creating a school bus or sleigh with Box Art or planning for a trike parade.

One day, over 12 years ago, we discovered the ElastaBlast in the back of our storage room at work. We didn’t even know its real name at the time nor did we have any idea how to use it, but we decided to pull it out and start experimenting with it. And experiment with the ElastaBlast we did! We watched the children and have learned from their delight the many possibilities with the Elastablast. So much learning happens with this one simple Parent’s Gold Choice Award winning play choice.


We have discovered that the strength, stretch and rebound qualities of the ElastaBlast create a very motivating movement experience for young children with varying ability levels; it is a new and alternative movement option from the parachute, which we have so enjoyed with our young children over the years. Combining the movement activities with childrens’ music has further enriched the activities. Movement and music together supports the brain development research regarding the critical importance of music and movement in the early years of a child’s development.

As we trained early childhood educators over the past twelve years with our curriculum Play and Learn, we listened to their repeated requests for us to put the Elastablast activities we developed into writing for their easy use. We have done that with Let’s Play with the Elastablast, a handbook/DVD combination with over 30 activities. In addition, we launched Let’s Play Together.

Let’s Play Together Mission: Let's Play Together is a nonprofit organization that partners with families and educators to develop creative learning strategies which recognize the importance of play and movement in the lives of children of all ability levels.


  • We value everyday routines, activities and places that offer all children rich learning opportunities full of play and movement.
  • We value the importance of family and community in every child's life.
  • We value and embrace all the ways the many faces of diversity enrich us.
  • We value the importance of hope and joy-filled play in everyone's life.
Mary & Laura in the Garden

Mary & Laura in the garden

Laura and Mary are work colleagues, mothers, and best friends. Mary is also a grandmother. They live in Minnesota and work together in White Bear Lake.

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Mary & Laura Fishing

Time to play! Mary and Laura fishing in Alaska after finishing an early childhood training in Anchorage.