We provide a broad range of support, consultation, trainings and follow up for Early Childhood teachers and families. We individualize, depending on the needs of your program.

We had fun working with early childhood teachers at the MnAffee Conference, showing how you can work on all areas of development with the Elastablast.

Today, family and preschool educators are seeing young children with

  •  increased anxiety 
  • difficulties with focus and attention
  • delayed gross and fine motor milestones.  

We believe there are two major changes in our culture that are impacting the early development of our very young children:

  • CONTAINERS e.g. car seats, strollers, front packs, slings, bouncy seats, baby swings, exercise saucers, and ring walkers. Though some of these are important for safety reasons, many of them limit young childrens’ movement and learning opportunities
  • TECHNOLOGY and all the technology options that children are being exposed to at younger and younger ages. Technology is a two dimensional, static activity and does not engage all of the senses that the young developing brain needs for early learning. 

It is more important than ever to help our young children build strong neural networks with physical and sensory experiences.


  • Helps parents and teachers understand the importance of early movement for critical brain development; gaps in development because children are not moving as much
  • Introduces them to Gill Connell’s Kinetic Scale, an important tool for evaluating a well balanced and sensory rich home and school environment
  • Provides interaction with many movement opportunities and music options
  • Introduces ideas for sensory rich outdoor learning opportunities
Play is not a break from learning. It is endless, delightful, deep, engaging, practical learning. It’s the doorway into the child’s heart.” Vince Gowmon